Campus Wide Committees 2017-2018

Affirmative Action Advisory Council
Alcohol Advisory Committee
Athletic Advisory Board
Copyright Committee
Council on Teacher Education
Curriculum Review Panel
Diversity Education Committee
Faculty Research and Creativity Board
General Education Council
Graduate Council
Institutional Board of Human Subjects
Performing Arts Board
Radiation Safety Committee
Residency Committee
Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee
Special Events Board
Student Learning Assessment Council
Student Media Board
Undergraduate Academic Advising
Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities
University Diversity and Inclusion Alliance
Visual Arts Board
Founder's Day Planning
Athletic Compliance Committee

Committee/Council Term First Name Last Name Email

Affirmative Action Advisory Council

Chair (Affirmative Action Officer) - Ray Lauber
Faculty Representative 2015-2018 Douglass Smith
Faculty Representative 2016-2019 Art Gutierrez
Professional Staff Representative 2015-2018 Jaime Morris
Chair of University Support Staff 2017-2020 Sharon Pittman
General Counsel (ex officio) - Kevin Johnson
Student Representative 2017-2018 Mia Combs
Student Representative 2017-2018 Megan McReynolds
Student Representative 2017-2018 Chuck Nweke
Student Representative 2017-2018 Jack Holmgren
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Alcohol Advisory Committee

Chair - Scott Waters
ASG President 2017-2018 Megan McReynolds
Panhellenic President Moira Pyle
IFC President Luke Palmer
UAC President Megan Budnik
General Manager, Dining Services Fred Karcher
ESU Foundation Jennifer Denton
Captain, Campus Police Chris Hoover
Director, MU
Associate Dean, Teacher's College Joan Brewer
Faculty Gregory Schneider
Chair Cathy Grover
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) Melissa Bailey
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) John Richard Schrock
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) Wiliam Jensen
Outside Faculty Member Andrew Miller
Veterinary Dr. Richard Mendoza
Physical Plant Representative Jonathan Vopata
Community Member Stan Perry
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Athletic Advisory Board

Chair - Scott Waters
Executive Secretary, Athletics - Kent Weiser
Vice President for Admin and FA - Diana Kuhlman
Staff Representative 2016-2019 Jason Brooks
Faculty Representative 2015-2018 Jim Bartruff
Faculty Representative 2015-2018 Terri Summey
Faculty Representative 2015-2018 Kari Hess
Faculty Representative 2016-2019 Larry Scott
Faculty Representative 2016-2019 Brenda Koerner
Faculty Representative 2016-2019 Gary Rice
President (ex officio) - Allison Garrett
Student Representative 2017-2018 Dukiya Tibbs
Student Representative 2018-2018 Tatum Graves
Student Representative 2017-2018 Farhan Sadique
Student Representative 2017-2018 Eric Williams
Student Representative 2017-2018 Michaela Cape
Student Representative 2017-2018 Courtney Renfro
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Copyright Committee

Chair (Campus Copyright Officer) Terri Summey
Distance Education Jerry Spotswood
IT Anna Catterson
Faculty Member, LA&S Tennley Vik
Faculty Member, School of Business Joyce Zhou
Faculty Member, SLIM Sandy Valenti
Faculty Member, The Teachers College Karen Bates
Student Media Publications Max McCoy
Marketing and Media Relations Ryan O'Meara
Student Representative, ASG Luke Palmer
General Council, ex officio Kevin Johnson
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Council on Teacher Education

Chair Gaile Stephens
Faculty Representative Paul Bland
Faculty Representative Melissa Reed
Faculty Representative Kevin Kienholz
Faculty Representative Darla Mallein
Faculty Representative Connie Schrock
Faculty Representative John Schrock
Faculty Representative Luisa Perez
Faculty Representative Downi Griner
Faculty Representative Claudia Aguirre-Mendez
Faculty Representative Kelly McEnerney
Faculty Representative Nilo Ramos
Faculty Representative Timothy Thornton
Faculty Representative Susan Mai
Student Representative, Sec. Edu. Brett Reichert
Student Representative, Ele. Edu. Kathryn Martin
Secondary Teacher, USD 253 Blair Falldine
Elementary Teacher, USD 253 Diana Hirt
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Curriculum Review Panel

Chair 2017-2018 Sarah Tidwell
Faculty, School of Business 2016-2019 Tanja Steigner
Faculty, Teacher's College 2009-2018 Gary Rice
Faculty, SLIM 2015-2018 James Walther
Faculty, LA&S 2017-2020 Thomas Mahoney
Faculty Representative 2017-2020 George Durler
Faculty Representative 2016-2019 Brenda Koerner
Student Representative 2017-2018 Jessica Parks
Graduate Student Representative 2017-2018 Kenneth Ezeh
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Diversity Education Committee

Chair Christpoher Stone
Teacher's College Sonja Ezell
Teacher's College Damara Paris
LA&S Heidi Hamilton
LA&S Jorge Ballester
Library and Archives Art Gutierrez
Faculty Representative, School of Business Christopher Stone
Faculty Representative, School of Business Joyce Zhou
Academic Affairs ex officio Gary Wyatt
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ex officio Jason Brooks
Chair Damara Paris
USS Representative Ciera Symmonds
Faculty Representative Sheryl Lidzy
Faculty Representative Mirah Dow
Faculty Representative Carol Russell
Faculty Representative Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro
Faculty Representative John Wade
Americans w/ Disability Act Compl. Officer Jim Costello
Legal Issues Officer Marian Riedy
University Facilities Designee Dennis Mohling
Human Resources Designee Judy Anderson
IT Designee Rob Gibson
Student Affairs Designee Mike Wise
Student Representative Cassie Stair
Graduate Student Representative LaRhon Walker
General Counsel Kevin Johnson
Director of Disability Services (ex officio) Dodie Davis
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Faculty Research and Creativity Board

Chair Pamela Filmore-POC
Executive Secretary Jerry Spotswood
Faculty Representative, SLIM 2017-2020 Sarah Sutton
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2015-2018 Kevin Keinholz
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2017-2020 Brice Obermeyer
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2017-2020 C Emmer
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2016-2019 Richard Sleezer
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2016-2019 Lei Wen
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2017-2020 Marc Fusaro
Faculty Representative, The Teachers College 2015-2018 Jessica Stallings
Faculty Representative, The Teachers College 2017-2020 John Wade
Faculty Representative, The Teachers College 2017-2020 Nancy Smith
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General Education Council

Chair Chris Stone
Vice Chair Shawna Shane
Executive Secretary - Kim Massoth
Student Advising - Kathy Landwehr
Special Guest - Sheila Markowitz
Faculty, LA&S 2017-2020 Andy Houchins
Faculty, LA&S 2017-2020 Qiang Shi
Faculty, LA&S 2016-2019 Dave McKenzie
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2016-2019 Chris Stone
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2017-2018 Carol Lucy
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2015-2018 Steve Lovett
Faculty, The Teachers College Joan Brewer
Faculty, The Teachers College 2014-2017 Shawna Shane
Faculty, The Teachers College 2016-2017 Damara Paris
Liberal Arts and Science (ex officio) - Richard Sleezer
Assistant Provost - Institutional Research & Assessment (ex officio) - Jo Kord
Student Representative, ASG The Teachers College 2017-2018 Amy Oelschlaeger
Student Representative, School of Business 2017-2018 Maddison Thompson
Student Representative, LA&S 2017-2018 Klasee Crawford
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Graduate Council

Chair 2016-2017 Mel Storm
Vice Chair Brenda Koerner
Exec Secretary, Graduate Studies Jan Gerstner
Graduate Recruitment and Development Specialist (ex officio) Kerri Jackson
Faculty, Physical Sciences Eric Trump
Faculty, Health/Phys Ed/Rec Michael Butler
Faculty, Counselor Ed Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro
Faculty, Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education Jerry Liss
Faculty, School Leadership/Mid & Sec Edu. Ed Church
Faculty, Social Science Maire Johnson
Faculty, School of Business Shawn Keough
Faculty, Music William Woodworth
Faculty, Instr Design & Technology Manjula Shinge
Faculty, SLIM Jinxuan Ma
Psychology Brian Schrader
Faculty, Eng/Mod Lang/ Journalism Mel Storm
Faculty, Mathematics and Economics Chad Wiley
Graduate & Distance Ed Dean (ex officio) - Jerry Spotswood
VP of Student Affairs (ex officio) - Jim Williams
Faculty, Biological Sciences Brenda Koerner
Graduate Student Representative 2017-2018 Sydney Main
Graduate Student Representative 2017-2018 Robert(Henry) Merth
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Chair Mary Mingenback
Financial Aid/Registrar Elaine Henrie
International Education Gonzalo Bruce
Information Security Officer Ryan Kurtenbach
Graduate Education
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Institutional Board of Human Subjects

Chair John Barnett
Faculty Representative, Health, PE, and Recreation Mike Butler
Faculty Representative, SLIM Sarah Sutton
Faculty Representative, School of Business Joyce Zhou
Faculty Representative, Social Sciences John Barnett
Dean, Graduate School and Distance Education - Jerry Spotswood
Educational Consultant Susan Hernandez
Faculty Representative, Sociology, Anthropology, and Crime & Delinquency Studies Gary Wyatt
Faculty Representative, Psychology Brian Schrader
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Performing Arts Board

Chair 2017-2018 TBD
Executive Secretary - Britney Hinrichs
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2016-2018 Downi Griner
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2017-2019 Thomas Mahoney
Faculty Representative 2017-2019 Darren Rebar
Student Representative, Music 2017-2018 Maddy Hanna
Student Representative, Theatre 2017-2018 Cassidy Tilden
Student Representative, Debate 2017-2018 Cale Bolen
Student Representative, Outside Depts 2017-2018 Alex Walberg
Student Representative, Outside Depts 2017-2018 Zoe Marz
Dean, LA&S (ex officio) - Brent Thomas
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Radiation Safety Committee

Chair (Radiation Safety Officer) - Eric Trump
Faculty, Physical Sciences Jorge Ballister
Faculty, Biological Sciences Scott Crupper
VP for Administration and Finance Diana Kuhlman
Faculty, Physical Sciences Rich Sleezer
Director, Facilities - Mark Runge
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Residency Committee

Chair Elaine Henrie
Executive Secretary (Registrar) - Elaine Henrie
Vice President of Student Affairs - Jim Williams
Faculty Representative Amanda Miracle
Faculty Representative Carmen Leeds
Faculty Representative George Durler
Student Representative 2017-2018 Garret VanArsdale
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Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee

Chair June Coleman
Exec Secretary (Director of FA) Jaime Morris
Unclassified Representative Sally Crawford-Fowler
Unclassified Representative Shelly Gehrke
Unclassified Representative Kristi Bolen
Unclassified Representative June Coleman
Unclassified Representative Mary Mitsui
Unclassified Representative Lendi Bland
Unclassified Representative Shawn Keough
Unclassified Representative Allan Comstock
Unclassified Representative Clinton Stephens
Unclassified Representative Stephanie Adams
Unclassified Representative Eric Trump
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Special Events Board

Exec Secretary (campus act. Coordinator) - Blythe Eddy
Faculty Representative Susan Mai
Faculty Representative Shawna Shane
Faculty Representative Joyce Zhou
Faculty Representative James Ehlers
Student Representative 2017-2018 Sydney Inman
Student Representative 2017-2018 Brooke Bailey
Student Representative 2017-2018 Jarrod Fisher
Student Representative 2017-2018 Megan Budnik
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Student Learning Assessment Council

Chair JoLanna Kord
Faculty Representative Jim Costello
Faculty Representative Matt Seimears
Faculty Representative Shawna Shane
Faculty Representative Zeni Colorado
Faculty Representative Brian Schrader
Faculty Representative Dan Stiffler
Faculty Representative Joan Brewer
Faculty Representative Larry Falcetto
Faculty Representative Eric Conrad
Faculty Representative Eric Yang
Faculty Representative Steve Catt
Faculty Representative Mel Storm
Faculty Representative Ellen Hansen
Faculty Representative Joe Yanik
Faculty Representative Allen Comstock
Faculty Representative Rich Sleezer
Faculty Representative Linda Adams-Wendling
Faculty Representative Michael Smith
Faculty Representative Alfredo Montalvo
Faculty Representative Sheryl Lidzy
Faculty Representative Andrew Smith
Faculty Representative Cynthia Kane
Faculty Representative Gary Wyatt
Faculty Representative Melissa Bailey
Staff Representative Lynn Hobson
Staff Representative Gonzalo Bruce
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Student Media Board

Chair Rachel Spaulding
Faculty Advisor, Bulletin - Max McCoy
Faculty Advisor, Sunflower - Kristy Dekat
Editor, Bulletin - Rayna Karst
Editor, Sunflower - Chloe Soetaert
Director of Media Relations (ex officio) - Kelly Heine
Ad Manager (ex officio) - Brett Cox
Business Manager David Szabo
Student Representative 2017-2018 Joslyn Barton
Student Representative 2017-2018 Nickolas Stanley
Student Representative 2017-2018 Chrstian Smith
Student Representative 2017-2018 Taven Wohlford
Faculty Representative, EMLJ Department Rachel Spaulding
Faculty Representative Steve Catt
Faculty Representative Sandra Valenti
Dean, Students (ex officio) - Lynn Hobson
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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Co-Chair Shelly Gehrke
Co-Chair Richard Sleezer
Executive Secretary
Faculty, The Teachers College Jim Costello
Faculty, The Teachers College Sally Miller
Faculty, The Teachers College Kelly McEnerney
Faculty, LA&S Dwight Moore
Faculty, School of Business Deena Wilson
Faculty, TRiO Program Kristi Bolen
SAC Office Jared Burton
At-large Positions (various) Stephanie Perez
At-large Positions (various) Sheila Markowitz
At-large Positions (various) 2017-2018 Adam Koci
Student Representative 2017-2018 Brettany Williams
Student Representative 2017-2018 Emma Griem
Student Representative 2017-2018 Kevin Sandoval
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Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities

Chair 2017-2019 Tim Burnett
Executive Secretary - Brenda Wiggins
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2017-2019 Tim Burnett
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2016-2018 Claudia Aguirre-Mendez
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2017-2019 Dawn McConkie
Faculty Representative, LA&S 2016-2018 Brice Obermeyer
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2017-2019 Joyce Zhou
Faculty Representative, School of Business 2016-2018 Kamal Lamsal
Faculty Representative, The Teachers College 2017-2019 Katie King
Faculty Representative, The Teachers College 2016-2018 Paul Luebbers
ASG Student 2017-2018 Caylie Ratzlaff
Student Representative 2016-2017
Student Representative 2016-2017
Student Representative 2016-2017
Associate Dean, LA&S (ex officio) - Richard Sleezer
Director, Honors Program (ex officio) - Gary Wyatt
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University Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity ex officio Jason Brooks
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs ex officio Gary Wyatt
Director of Diversity Student Programming ex officio Deanna Williams
Chair of ASG Diversity and Inclusion Committee ex officio Ana Perez Lebron
Library and Archives 2017-2018 Michelle Hammond
SLIM 2017-2018 Emily Vardell
School of Business 2017-2018 Douglass Smith
Teacher's College 2017-2018 Jessica Stallings
LA&S 2017-2018 Andrew Houchins
Unclassified Staff 2017-2018 Julie Cayton
USS 2017-2018 Rex Hall
Institutional Effectiveness 2017-2018 Brian Denton
International Education 2017-2018 Mark Daly
Athletics 2017-2018 Shaun Vandiver
Alumni Foundation 2017-2018 Tyler Curtis
Disability Services 2017-2018 Stephanie Adams
Faculty Senate 2017-2018 Sunnin Keosybounheuang
Enrollment Management 2017-2018 Shelly Gehrke
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Visual Arts Board

Chair Chloe Soetaert
Executive Secretary Britney Hinrichs
Faculty Representative, LA&S Bill Woodworth
Faculty Representative, Outside Art Alivia Allison
Faculty Representative, Outside Art Holly Pottle
Student Representative, Art Paige Blaha
Student Representative, Art Thuong Tran
Student Representative, Art Chloe Soetaert
Student Representative, outside Art Abigaile Weiser
Student Representative, outside Art Mouaz Alnouri
Dean, LA&S (ex officio) Brent Thomas
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Committee/Council First Name Last Name Email

Founder's Day Planning

Chair Tyler Curtis
Catering Director and Concessions Manager Jennifer Waldorf
Operations Supervisor Mike Seely
Administrative Officer, Alumni Relations Laurie Pitman
Chair, Ambassadors Barret Koch
Associate Professor, Music Allan Cornstock
ASG President Megan McReynolds
Director Advancement Communications, ESU Foundation Mary Shivley
Manager of Annual Fund, ESU Foundation Sarah Eimer
Vice President for Stewardship and Administration Jennifer Denton
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Athletic Compliance Committee

Chair (Chief Compliance Officer) Kristy Bayer
Athletics Director Kent Weiser
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs Diana Kuhlman
Accountant Tess Shepherd
Sports Information DIrector Don Weast
Financial Aid Yuliana Reyes
Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid Jaime Morris
Director of Student Advising Center Shelly Gehrke
Admissions Kate Kreiman
Associate Registrar Sheila Markowitz
Controller Mary Mingenback
Director of Alumni Relations Jose Feliciano
Dean, Student Life Lynn Hobson
Faculty Athletic Representative Scott Water
Compliance Coordinator Ping Wang
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