IT Projects & Initiatives

The Information Technology departments strives to find greater integration and coordination for technology at Emporia State, including long-term cost savings and increased alignment with university goals and objectives. Below are a list of key, on-going projects, to attain those goals.

Fall/Spring 2017-2018

New Projects & Initiatives

  • CRM Recruit Upgrades
  • T2 Parking Upgrades
  • SSD Hard Drive Installation in Labs (faster computer boot speeds!)
  • Corporate Partner Database Interface
  • SkyPrint Station Expansion to Visser Hall

Continuing Projects

  • IT Renovation -Phase 2&3 finishes in November!
  • VoIP Rollout (Voice over IP telephony) to Campus
  • StarRez Residential Life program implementation
  • Banner 9 Implementation
  • Technology Disaster Recovery Planning
  • AMS Upgrade
  • Deployment Management System Installation

Technology Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

  • New Residential Hall
  • Aquatic Research & Outreach Center
  • University House
  • School of Business Renovation – 1st & 2nd Floors
  • Classroom Technology Upgrades for 17 classrooms in Visser, Beach, and Science Hall